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Freedom for LIFE "All of God Inside You" - E-book

Freedom for LIFE "All of God Inside You" - E-book

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The Freedom for LIFE E-book by Author and Speaker T. Everett Smith, is a step-by-step scriptural guide to responding, receiving and resting in the Grace that God The Father has provided to all humanity through The Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua).

In Freedom for LIFE you will discover:

  •  How The Father has declared you His righteousness through your faith in the finished work of The Lord Jesus. 
  •  How your faith is also your key to gaining access to The Father's Grace in every area of your life.
  •  How The Father, Son and Holy Spirit (The Godhead) are living inside you; affording you the optimum  life as a Believer and Citizen of God's Kingdom!

This is your moment to experience for yourself what The Father intended all of our lives to be. Take this simple step to freedom with this timely book, Freedom for LIFE!

Copyright 2013, T. Everett Smith, ALL RIGHT RESERVED.

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