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Personal Ministry by T. Everett Smith - Contemporary Gospel Album

Personal Ministry by T. Everett Smith - Contemporary Gospel Album

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Fourteen spirit-filled tracks make up Personal Ministry; an insightful and revealing look at T. Everett’s relationship with Jesus Christ. “I was lead to do three styles of music on the album: worship, contemporary and hip hop."

The album opens with (Confusion-PM Intro); a prophetic look at the current and future events that our world is facing right now: the war in the Middle East, and debate over religion. Religious overtones add dept to the overall scope of the track. T. Everett then begins Personal Ministry with the Word. Reciting 2 Peter 1:2 thru 11, as the track (Unfruitful) opens with a cinematic aura that builds, as you here his vocal abilities for the first time. Track 3 reveals T. Everett’s inspiring lyrics of separation and salvation. Entitled (Adam where are you?), he lyrically paints a detailed picture about the event that took place in the Garden of Eden, and that also takes place in the hearts of believers/non-believers everyday. The song challenges listeners to question their commitment God. Are we as faithful as we say?

As Adam where are you? fades, the album moves forward aggressively with the track (Delivered). “Delivered is my personal ode to the things that I’ve been through over my brief lifetime. All of the hip hop tracks: Delivered, the Remix of Delivered, Pain, His Name and The Same Ol’ Thang, all share a different level of spiritual intimacy and transparency. It’s my prayer that the album deeply ministers to people as I’ve been ministered to during the process of living these songs.” With songs like: The Sky, A Chance and Somebody, T. Everett adds a unique worship experience to Personal Ministry. Each song has beautiful melodies that instantly capture a listener’s ears. Personal Ministry is completed with contemporary tracks: Jesus Is, Glory Glory2k and the title track, Personal Ministry. Each track has an authentic feel, with T. Everett’s signature add-libs and squalls. 

“This is the fulfillment of just one facet of the vision that God has given me. I know that He that has begun a good work in me shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. That day has not come; so, the work that God will do through me is not complete! To God be the Glory for the things he has done- Halelujah!"

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